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Avon Lighting Showroom

Proudly Serving Connecticut & Massachusetts! If you're interested in floor and table lamps, we have multiple styles available today in store. We also have kitchen island lighting that is up-to-date and many decorative mirrors in store as well. We have new Farmhouse and Early Electrical Lighting to keep it new and fresh, so if you're looking for high-quality electrical service you have come to the right place. At Avon Lighting Showroom, we will give you the [...]

Avon Wine & Spirits

Avon Wine & Spirits has the finest wines, liqueurs and beers in the Valley. They are dedicated to providing a large selection of wines around the world, and serve as an education center for wine appreciation. They hold many functions and tasting events so be sure to keep checking back.

Kalaveshi Arts

SARANDA KALAVESHI Artist/Actor Born in Kosovo and raised during the turmoil of wartime in the 1990’s, Saranda Kalaveshi began exhibiting her artistic talents as early as three-years-old; she would consistently draw animals and replicate cartoon scenes and, as her mother likes to recall, Saranda would “draw with her finger in the air” when she slept. Saranda’s mother began collecting her paintings, and many of them were put on display during a solo exhibition at Saranda’s school [...]

Raimie H. Weber Jewelry

i joined my father in his business in 1983 at the bottom of the totem pole. i sat next to him on the bench and learned my basic bench skills. i polished more rough castings than i really want to remember. however, i learned so much about the jewelry arts that i am able to talk to a goldsmith in their language, which only helps with proper design. i have been involved with the jewelry [...]