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Raimie H. Weber Jewelry


i joined my father in his business in 1983 at the bottom of the totem pole. i sat next to him on the bench and learned my basic bench skills. i polished more rough castings than i really want to remember. however, i learned so much about the jewelry arts that i am able to talk to a goldsmith in their language, which only helps with proper design.

i have been involved with the jewelry industry for 34 years. i served on the board of Connecticut Jewelers, held the position of president for two terms. i had the honor of service on the board of Jewelers of America.

educated at University of Connecticut, Syracuse University, London College of Printing, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Gemological Institute of America distance training and certified in: colored stones, diamond grading & appraisals.

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136 Simsbury Road, Building 4, Avon, CT 06001