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Hi! My name is Kara!

I was born and raised in Farmington, CT. I have lived in Tennessee, Colorado, and Montreal, and I made my way back to Connecticut in 2016. I am an Army wife, dog mom, and coffee lover. My love for fitness started right after college when I was living in Colorado. I began to attend these very intense boot camps, and I watched my body get stronger as well as my mental health. Fitness became very important to me as a form of self-care. I had always worked in the mental health and special education field, my days were long and stressful, and I was always working to help others. Working out was my time for me; my time to decompress.

When I moved back to Connecticut in 2016, I was introduced to The Yoga Shop. I quickly fell in love with the yoga and community. I completed my 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga Shop. I am RYT 500 hr. LivFree certified. I have been teaching at the Yoga Shop since 2018. The Yoga Shop has become a massive part of my life, and I am so happy that I can open Primal Fit in my home. Thank you, Annie and Kim, for welcoming Primal Fit into the family!

A couple of years ago, I wanted to add variety to my fitness routine, and I started taking group classes at a local boxing gym. Here I learned how to box and began strength training again. I started teaching group fitness classes such as YogaBox, strength and conditioning, and kickboxing in 2019. During my time I started personal training. I learned so much during my time here. This is where I became the trainer I am today. I also started personal training at the Hartford Golf Club in 2020 and became a NASM-certified personal trainer (CPT). I am also a NASAM-certified Nutrition Coach.

Fitness is so important for everyone. It is vital for our physical and mental health. I have seen so many people walk away from personal training because of the cost. That is why when creating Primal Fit, I decided my mission was going to be to provide affordable and effective personal training to everyone.

Primal Fit is raw and authentic. No bells and whistles, just you and your innate ability to push limits!

Phone: 860-406-0540
144 Simsbury Rd, Avon, CT, USA - Bldg. 10, Connecticut, USA