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Canis Mountain Outfitters


Who we are:

Professional Certified Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) that enjoy Hiking, Canicross and Watersports with our Border Collies. We believe in avoiding fear at all costs and follow the LIMA model/method.

For the past five years the crew at Canis Mountain Outfitters has been testing dog gear, leashes, harnesses, etc. inside our training programs and enrichment sessions. We have cycled through various products and are now offering some of our favorites. In addition to these products we also will be providing handcrafted leashes and collars to support various dog handling situations and challenges.

Where is Canis Mountain?

Canis Mountain is that spot/trail/mountain/street that takes you away.

What does Canis Mountain mean to you?

We asked our crew and here is what they said:

The feeling you get when you round the corner and see the summit view with your four legged ride or die.
The rejuvenated energy you get when everything is burning from a mountain Canicross and you're about to stop but your fur friend looks back with a smile like to say, 'this is the bomb, lets kick it up a gear'.
The joy when 'Leave it' works for a wild animal that crosses your path when bikejoring, especially downhill.
Anywhere backcountry with my pups.
Shredding a downhill section and being unable to catch my pup. You can tell he was getting it and it was a blast.

136 Simsbury Road, Avon, CT, USA - Bldg. 3, USA